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How to Crack Your Lower Back by Yourself? : Useful Tips (2019 Update)

At times people suffer from back stress or joint inflammation which causes a lot of discomfort to their body. Most of the time the prolonged seating results into lower back issues. As a result, you become restless. To get the proper relaxation you can go for popping your lower back.

Now you must be thinking how to crack your own lower back. No need to worry here I will talk over the effective ways which will provide you knowledge about how to crack your lower back by yourself or if you want to explore the techniques of the chiropractor, then also here I will make you aware regarding how to crack your lower back like a chiropractor.

How to Crack Your Lower Back by Yourself?

1) Stretching and Popping

First of all lie on the yoga mat. Then stretch back muscles and spine by bringing both the knees to your chest. Ensure you firmly hold your knees. In this position, your belly will be pressed and you’re your spine will be stretched.

Stretching and popping

Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then come back to normal body position. It will relieve your back stress if you repeat the exercise for near about 2-4 times in a day.

2) Lie On Your Knees

On the padded or carpeted floor you can lie down on the support of your knees where your feet are placed under your buttocks and shoulders are kept widely apart.

Lie on your knees

Stretch your arms to the maximum by bending forward from your waist. Try to inhale and exhale and while doing this activity make sure your nose is touch to the ground.30 seconds are enough to remain in this position. In a day you can repeat the exercise for near about 2-4 times.

3) Make Use of a Chair

Take a hard chair free from the cushion. Sit on a chair and on either side of the chair you can place both of your hands. Hold the end softly. Now try to slide down the chair which in turn will slight off the bottom to some extent. For some time stay in this position.

Make use of a chair

Suddenly your weight will shift to your lower back which will crack your back. Stay relaxed as you may face sudden jolt or little. At one time or in sections this activity can crack your back. You will find it an effective way to relieve the tension of your lower back.

4) Sit On The Chair

Take a chair and sit on it by facing forward. Then take your right arm to hold the left post of the chair and finally to the left turn your body. Now repeat this kind of activity with your right post. It will help in cracking your lower back.

Sit on the chair

All these are the simple ways which will guide you on the subject of how to crack your lower back by yourself. By performing all these activities, you don’t have to depend on any person. You can very well crack your lower back by keeping all these activities in your practice especially at the time of requirement.

Sometimes the problem of lower back become so much severe that you have to take help of the chiropractor or you act like him so that you get quick relief from the back problem.  Now I will move on the same.

How to crack your lower back like a chiropractor?

Your back becomes stiff that results into stress or uneasiness. At that point of time, you feel like to take help of the physical therapist. If you are unable to get an appointment in that need of an hour, then no need to worry at all.

crack your lower back like a chiropractor

Here I will make you acquainted with the expertise of chiropractor.

  • Keep your body still by sitting on a chair. Now try to take hold of the chair back by twisting yourself at behind. Repeat the same activity by twisting in the opposite way which will help you in cracking the remaining portion of your back.
  • On the ground, you lie straight on the floor so that your back remains flat. Behind your head, you move your hands. Now move your leg muscle out by stretching it. Then inhale and exhale deeply which will result in popping your lower back.

By following these effective ways, you can crack your lower back like a chiropractor and can experience quick relief from lower back tension.

Get rid of the lower back pain

In this post, you will get best ways which will guide you to get rid of lower back tension or stress by yourself or like a chiropractor. All the ways are effective that will provide quick relief to your lower back.

In case after following the above-mentioned ways of cracking your lower back, you still face uneasiness in your lower back, then you should immediately consult a doctor or physical therapist.

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