Best Back Scratcher Ever in the World

We all have been into a situation where we wish to itch the area, which is hard to reach. Annoyed and frustrated, you grab a pen or rub back on any surface, but the itch seems to grow more. For such situations, we have a solution that will soothe your irritation instantly with bending arms in an awkward direction. The back scratchers are the invention that eases your scratchy sensation without breaking the skin. There are a variety of body scratchers available in the market, so the challenge is to choose one which doesn’t cost you much yet needs to be of good quality and do the job correctly. To guide you in making the right choice, here is the list of best back scratchers available online.


Best Back Scratcher Ever

1. StaiBC Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher

StaiBC Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher

There are very few people who can easily reach the exact spot of their itching back. StaiBC Bear Claw back scratcher is one of the best back scratchers that can help you to scratch your back without making you uncomfortable with your elbow or shoulder.

StaiBC back scratchers with the telescopic handle are the real loot. There are six vibrant colors available, including purple, yellow, and red. These stainless steel back scratchers are fully expandable from 8.46 inches (21.5 CM) to 22.83 inches (58 CM.)

StaiBC Bear Claw Scratcher comes with these following features:

  • The handle of the back scratcher made from the material of rubber, and so it gives an excellent grip to the hands. This soft rubber handle is 4.33 inches (i.e., 11 CM) long.
  • The claws have been made of stainless steel and come with a size of 1.64″x1.75″x0.5.”
  • You can easily carry this back scratcher while traveling because of its advantages of compact size and lightweight.
  • The manufacturer also provides a 100% money-back guarantee so that you can try it without any second thoughts.



2. WOVTE Bear Claw Back Scratcher

WOVTE Bear Claw Black

There are times when you have an itch on some parts of the body where your hand cannot reach; then we have WOVTE back scratcher for the rescue. This scratcher is made from high-quality material and won’t harm your skin. Also, the design is to increase the blood circulation that will make you feel relaxed instantly.


WOVTE Bear Claw Back Scratcher comes with these following features:

  • WOVTE Bear Claw Back Scratcher has a high-quality stainless steel handle.
  • With its telescoping handle, you can scratch back without twisting out arms.
  • Manufactured using high-quality material, it won’t deteriorate with age or stop working, unlike another electric back scratcher.
  • The length of the scratcher is of perfect size and is easy to carry in a bag.
  • It’s portable and easy to use, especially when you are traveling outdoor.
  • If not satisfies, WOVTE offers a 100% money-back guarantee.



3. BambooMN Bamboo Backscratchers

BambooMN Brand

BambooMN Brand Bamboo back scratchers are manufactured using mature bamboo with a 1 1/2″ broad hand filling and a sturdy stick that won’t bend when you try to scratch hard. This handmade bamboo back scratcher is durable and will last longer compared to any other cheap electric back scratchers.

BambooMN Bamboo Backscratchers comes with these following features:

  • Made from matured bamboo sticks.
  • A natural way to get rid of itch on the problematic places where your hand can’t reach.
  • This bamboo back scratcher is approximately 17″ long, very sturdy, and organic.
  • The product comes in a travel size and has a spreader.



4. D.M. Merchandising Bear Claw Back Scratcher

Back Scratcher Bear Claw 22

The D.M. Merchandising telescoping back scratcher is the best when you want just can’t reach the tricky area. Get four pieces of bear claw back scratcher that would easily slide on your back and scratch out the itch.

D.M. Merchandising Telescoping Back Scratcher comes with these following features:

  • Four pieces that come in 22″ size, rubber handle for firm grip and bear claw to get the complete scratch.
  • Metal scratches that are easy to carry around in a bag.
  • Sturdy and won’t break under pressure while scratching.



5. JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher

JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher

The JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher produced from the cut of the mature bamboo, so you get 100% organic product. This backscratcher is 1 1/2″ wide to hold and won’t bend or break if you apply more pressure. As made using natural bamboo, it won’t have any coloring or metal that can give you skin allergy.

JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher comes with these following features:

  • JapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher size is approximately 17.5 inches long.
  • Manufactured using natural mature bamboo, the back scratcher is sturdy with longer life.
  • A perfect product for those who need an extra hand to get instant relief for the annoying itch.



6. Kikkerland Expandable Backscratcher

Kikkerland Expandable Backscratcher

This wooden back scratcher is extremely helpful in satisfying the irritation and portable. Kikkerland Telescopic back scratcher has an expandable handle that will help you reach all the tight spots where your hand can’t reach. This product has a body of beach wood and high-quality stainless steel.

Kikkerland Wooden Backscratcher comes with these following features:

  • The wooden backscratcher is available in approximately 1.25 by 7.125- inches size when not extended.
  • The Telescopic back scratcher can extend up to 20 inches.
  • They are designed to reach all the places where your hand can’t reach to scratch.
  • Made using stainless steel and beach wood.



7. Bearback Body Scratcher

Bearback Body Scratcher


Having itchy skin is not a good feeling. Instead of scratching back from any cheap product that will surely damage the skin, invest in a Bear back body scratcher that has a flexible body and head with flexible bristles to natural scratching. This product is designed to give you a blissful soothing sensation without giving you arm pain.

Bearback Body Scratcher comes with these following features:

  • Unlike any average scratcher, this comes in a dimension of 4.5”.
  • Firm yet pliable bristles scrape your skin in a soothing way that gives you relief from itch instantly.
  • The handle has slight curvatures to help you reach the corners of the back.
  • It’s a handy product for those who suffer from chronic itchy back.



8. DigHealth Telescoping Back Scratchers

DigHealth Telescoping Back ScratchersGet instant relief from the scratch with the help of telescoping back scratcher. DigHealth Telescoping Back Scratcher is available in the set of five which is perfect for a family. Adapt hyenic way of getting relief from the itch by using this portable back scratcher and increase the blood circulation in the body.

DigHealth Telescoping Back Scratcher comes with these following features:

  • DigHealth Telescoping Back Scratcher arrives in a pack of five in different colors – red, yellow, blue, black, and green.
  • The extendable back scratcher has rubber handles that give you a firm grip while scratching.
  • Easy to use and scratch places where your hand can’t reach.
  • Perfect for a family and those who don’t like sharing the scratcher with others.
  • If not satisfied with the product, get your 100% money back within a short period.



If you are planning to buy a back scratcher to get rid of your back itching problem, then in this article, you will get a thorough understanding of a back scratcher that is best in quality and fulfills all your requirements. No doubt, in the market, you will get lots of varieties, but to pick the finest scratcher, you have to go through the following points so that you can enjoy your buy for comfortably.

How to select best back scratcher?

  • Width and length of the edge- The edge of the back scratcher should be wide enough so that you can properly use it. It will roll if the edges are not broad. Choose long scratcher so that you can make use of it without stretching your shoulder, wrist, and elbow. The long scratcher can reach quickly to any part of your back.
  • Sturdiness- Go for a back scratcher that is durable as it will provide you long-lasting results. The polished scratchers are safe to use. Check that the fingers of it are strong and sturdy so that you can enjoy effective results.
  • Value and appearance- You can get the idea of the price from the online store’s list. It would be worthy to buy something that offers you long-lasting services. From $15 to $100, you can get higher end custom designs. Purchase the scratcher that is unique, or you can even proceed for the handmade scratcher. You can hang the appealing scratcher at your home that mixes well with your surroundings.
  • Unsharpened- The unsharpened back scratcher will not take hold of your clothes and cause the problem by tearing it. Choose blunt scratcher that remains firm and save.
  • Structure and size – Pay attention to the construction of the scratcher that it is steadfastly attached to the shaft. For long-time pleasure move ahead for stainless steel back scratcher. Its handle should be long enough so that it can scratch comfortably. It should be bent correctly to match the curvatures of your back smoothly.

From the above points, you can gain ideas about the how to select best back scratcher. There are different types of back scratchers available like electric back scratcher, wooden back scratcher, battery operated back scratcher, etc. Buy a portable, lightweight, and comfortable product so that you can carry it in your pocket. If you go out for holidays, then also you can take handy back scratcher.

Comparison of Back Scratcher

Stainless steel
D.M. Merchandising
Beech wood and Stainless steel
Fran's EssentialsStainless steel


Investing in the best back scratcher is always good as they are durable and last longer. There are different types of back scratchers available in the market, including electric, wooden, wall-mounted, telescoping, bamboo, automatic, etc. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose a wooden back scratcher or a bamboo back scratcher. Otherwise, on our list, you can find telescoping back scratcher, which can reach the sweet spot to scratch and works way better than an electronic scratcher.

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