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How to Arch Your Back? – Steps to Stretch Your Muscle

Many people suffer from backache problem due to various reasons like their lifestyle or age issue. People often sit on the computer for long hours that causes strain to their back. It has been observed that not only on computers, individuals most of the time remain sitting while watching TV, driving and handling desk work. Due to all these body positions for the prolonged period, the back pain occurs.

To get rid of back pain problem, you should involve yourself in physical activities which will provide you high relief. If you stretch your muscles or arch your back, then you will find that you won’t have to bear the backache problem.

So let’s move ahead to learn about arch your back.

How to Arch Your Back?

1. Warm up your bodySun-Salutation-Pose-Sequence

Before starting any physical activity, it is must to warm up your body. You can face injuries if you perform physical activity in cold muscles. For warming up, you can perform sun salutation, bend forward and positions of downward and upward dog which in turn moves your back muscles. It will help you to generate warmness in the body.

2. The posture of the Cobraposture of the Cobra

Form the positions of the Cobra which will fortify the muscles of the lower back. Your abdominal and hip flexors will be stretched by this position which in turn help you to experience back bending.

3. Back ExtensionBack Extension

On your stomach, you can lie on the ground by keeping your legs straight on the floor. Make sure before lying you spread the mat or sheet on the ground on which you can perform this activity.

Back Extension2Now after resting lift the head, shoulders, and chest upwards by keeping your palm on the floor. Stay in this position for 2-5 seconds and then back to your previous position of lying down. Gently repeat this activity for 10-15 minutes.

4. Swan diveswan dive1

In this workout, your arms and legs remain drawn-out of the ground, and with the support of your belly, you will rock back and forth. First of all, you lie on the mat and then raise your chest above the ground. In the air speedily stretch both the arms out. Pull out your legs above the floor while rocking forward. Spread your arms and head forward so that you can swing back. You can continue doing this action for few seconds which will help you in toning your back muscles.

5. Leg kickLeg kick

Lie on the mat in such a way that your face remains down the carpet. On your back, fasten your hands and let your palms rest with each other. Put your legs together and then bend yours both the knees to kick the buttocks three times with your feet. After that lengthen your legs and raise the upper and lower body off the ground. Yours fasten hands on the back of the frame will help you to provide support for lifting your chest above the ground. Stay in that position for a second and then repeat this exercise for 10 minutes which will help you in arching your back.

6. Half-bridgeHalf-bridge

Spread the mat and lie on it in such a way that your knees remain bent and feet stays flat on the ground. Keep your palms down by placing your arms beside your body. Now raise your hips up in such a way that your feet remain straight on the floor. Pause in this position for very few seconds and then again come back to the same spot by putting your hips back to the ground. Repeat this process till your pelvis comes to the appropriate place in harmony to your knees. Ensure that during this activity you keep your knees and feet hip-distance spaced out.

Make a routine

All these ways of how to get an arched back will make your back flexible and toned. You will get relief from stress by making these physical activities a part of your daily life. Take out some time to enjoy your life with freshness and liveliness by making use of the methods as mentioned above to enjoy arch back. The arch back will benefit you in many ways. It will not only strengthen your back muscles and spine but will provide you relief from pain and constant worry. Your body will come into the shape which will enhance your appearance too.

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