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How to Make a Back Scratcher?: Make DIY Handmade Back Scratcher

Itching is irritating, obviously! And when it traps us on those body parts where our hands or nails do not reach, it becomes more annoying. Our back is one of them. Our hands are not big enough to cover the fullback. Even after trying hard and giving 100%, we can’t reach that particular point where we want to scratch. So, to fulfill that need and mental as well as physical satisfaction, we must have a perfect back scratcher.

Here in this article, I will give a basic guideline on how to make a back scratcher. There are plenty of back scratchers available on the market. There are several designs and materials to present an ultimate back scratcher for you. But sometimes you just need ‘that’ specific back scratcher which can cover all of your needs to cure the issue, or which is not available in the market, or out of your budget. So here we go, let’s make a tool to get relief from itches.

How to Make a Back Scratcher?

Things you will need:

To make a back scratcher, first of all, you should decide the material which can be used for DIY back scratcher. If you have an old one, you can use that or add a few tools like;

  • Log piece
  • Dremel
  • Dremel cut off wheel
  • Sanding band
  • A clamp
  • Rubber
  • Eye and ear protection    

Make sure to know your suitable type to make the back scratcher. You can use plastic, wood, steel, etc. as per your skin type. Another thing you must take care is that the tools are dangerous. Protect yourself from any kind of injuries.

Step 1: Take measurements

Take a piece of wood and start measuring. You can either use tape or measure just by your hands. Decide the length according to your comfort and need. For your convenience, you can mark the handle as well as the scratcher’s fingers. Now slowly cut down the log as per those marks.

Take measurements

Step 2: Bend the wood

After cutting the wood, now it’s time to bend the scratcher. If you want, you can measure again, but generally, it should be one-third of the total length. Bending the log can give a shape of the hand to your DIY back scratcher. You can also use it as a plain back scratcher or massager.

Bend the wood

Step 3: Cut the fingers of scratcher

If you don’t want to use the plain scratcher, you should try cutting fingers of the wood. Set the back scratcher on your work surface with the help of the clamp. Use both of your hands while using dremel. Now, take the cutoff wheel to make the square fingers into points. If you don’t have a cutoff wheel, don’t worry. You can also use nail and hammer to give the proper shape.

Cut the fingers of scratcher

Step 4: Smoothen the fingers

The fingers which you have cut may have the sharp edges, which can be harmful to your skin. It can leave scratches or marks, and that is not good at all. So, sanding and rounding off the fingers is an unavoidable activity in the process of the handmade back scratcher. The fingers need some polishing, and you just can’t be lazy in the smoothing process.

Smoothen the fingers

Step 5: Testing of the newly made

As I said, all back scratchers are not equal. Also, it depends on your needs. So, after making of a brand-new back scratcher, test out the sharpness and assure the new dingers are safe and comfortable for your back. If they are too sharp, then use the sander again to round off the fingers and make them smooth. If they are too flat, use nails or knife to make them sharp enough to fulfill your purpose.

Testing of the newly made

Extra Tip: Use rubber for the handle

This step is the one you can avoid! But to solve the purpose of the better holding, you can use rubber on the handle. If you don’t want to fit the rubber, you can also use the rubber bands and set them on the handle of the back scratcher. It can avoid slipping.


Yay! Your handmade back scratcher is ready to use. It is made according to your need and wants, which will double your satisfaction level. Store it by your bed and enjoy this new back scratcher.

I hope these simple steps can help you in the making of the back scratcher just like you have expected. If you are not interested in such processes, you can also buy some best back scratchers online if they satisfy your needs and suitable to your pocket. Enjoy!

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