Best Chair After Back Surgery | Top Bad Back Chairs of 2019

Back Surgery can be difficult for any person as one goes through the pain and any movement becomes a challenge. With so many operations, stitches and plates inserted in the body, one only wish to have a comfortable recovery time to minimize the strain on the back. Doctors do provide pain medication and advice to use some back relief tools to patients to lessen the pain, but it doesn’t ease the pain while performing daily activities at home like standing, sitting or having a bath. If you are facing acute back pain, it is essential to put the body in a comfortable position that shields the muscles from further damage. The best way to do this is by purchasing the best chair after back surgery.

To help such patients under challenging times, we have listed down top five best chairs after back surgery that will provide you comfort, adequate support and lessen the pain while you are resting. These are special chairs with an ergonomic design will help correct the posture and reduce the pain in the longer run.

Best Chair After Back Surgery

1. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

The Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair is certainly the best chair after back surgery in our list. The product comes with premium seats and dimensions of 16.5″(D) x 21.75″(W) x 16-20.5″ (H). You can also adjust the height with 1/2″ increments as per the needs. The height indicator allows noting down the perfect height measurement in which the patient feels most comfortable.

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair comes with these following features:

  • The product has lightweight designs for better results.
  • You can get enhanced and comfortable seats.
  • The height indicator helps in noting down the measurement in which patient feels most comfortable.


2. Vaunn Bathtub Shower Lift Chair After Back Surgery

Vaunn Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

The Vaunn Bathtub Shower Lift Chair has a great response from the customers online for being best chair for a bad back. The chair comes with a durable and secure seat. It also has a seating capacity of 250 lbs to 300 lbs. The product also comes with the anodized frame and weighs only 6lbs which makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Vaunn Bathtub Shower Lift Chair comes with these following features:

  • Vaunn Bathtub chair is designed for old age people with limited mobility.
  • The comfortable anti-bacterial chair has removable back support with padded armrests.
  • One can easy assembly the chair and adjust the height as per patient’s comfort.
  • The sturdy anodized frame increases the shelf life of this chair.


3. VIVE Shower Chair for Back Surgery

VIVE Shower Chair with Back

The VIVE Shower Chair is designed to provide utmost comfort to the back while showering. The soft and adjustable seat can take the weight of 300 pounds easily. The best part about VIVE chair is the sturdy build, lightweight, nonslip seat, drainage holes, and great support on back and arms.

VIVE Shower Chair comes with these following features:

  • VIVE chair has a non-slip seat with drainage feature.
  • One can adjust the seat height in the range of 14”-19.5″.
  • The lightweight build of the shower chair makes it easy to move around.
  • Provide sufficient support to the back and arms while bathing.
  • Can take weight up to 300 pounds.


4. NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Bath Seat

NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Bath Seat

The NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Bath Seat is undoubtedly one of the best chairs after back surgery. This Ergonomic seat weighs only 7 pounds making it easy to carry. It is made up of a durable Aluminum frame with seat dimensions of 15.75″W X 13″ D. Though the chair is lightweight the body and design make it a durable chair for old age people.

Features of NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Bath Seat:

  • NOVA ergonomic chair has tough blow seat with drainage holes to drain the water
  • The comfortable padded arms provide support while standing or sitting on a chair.
  • The skit resistant border gives support to the body.


5. Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench for Back Surgery

Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench

The Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench is one of the most formidable and ergonomic chairs that you can get online. The ergonomic chair includes an adjustable height from 16″ to 20″. The Chair for the bad back also includes 13″ X16 ” seat with a soft cushion.

Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench comes with these following features:

  • The chair has padded removable arms for comfort and better results.
  • One of the best chair after back surgery, it’s made from high quality of Aluminum and anodized frame to prevent rust.


Key Back Surgery Recovery Tips to Follow

It would be an understatement that recovering from back surgery is manageable with pain medication. While drugs do lessen the pain, building strength to walk, sit or move around without pain can be a task. Many factors play an essential role while recovering from back surgery. If you have back problems or have gone through the operation, following tops will help from coping up with the pain.

1. Spine Care: Spine Care is one of the significant factors that one needs to consider. Try to get physiotherapy followed by light on an everyday basis. If you feel any pain or muscle strain, do get a medical checkup done to avoid any further injury. The body will take time to heal so don’t lose hope and patience.

2. Pain Management: Pain Management is another crucial factor to keep in mind if you are looking for faster back surgery recovery tips. Ask the doctor for pain medications and muscle relaxant that reduce inflammation in muscles. Taking the pain medicines from time to time is the best way to minimize pain and coping up with an injury in a faster way.

3. When to Call Your Surgeon: Once your surgery is done, it’s important to take note of the pain while doing any movement. If you find medical conditions like chills or fever, it is advisable to contact the surgeon. This will reduce the chances of complication and ensure faster recovery.

4. Healthy Eating: Try to go through a very established and balanced diet to gain muscles. Eat a lot of vegetables, protein, and carb to get back the strength. By consuming a balanced diet, you can maintain weight and get muscles that give stability to your back.

5. Bathing and Incision Care: Try to follow the Surgeon’s instructions on how to develop the Bathing and Incision Care and get the needs done. It times, the whole process of sitting and bathing can be tricky as one might feel pain in the back area. It’s important to keep the body clean after the surgery so use chair designed for bad back cases. This will support the body, and you can have a bath without twisting or turning.

6. Correct Way to Sleep After Spine Surgery: The most important step of recovery is by getting a sound sleep. After back surgery, go for cots that support the sine. Use memory foam pillow that doesn’t put a strain on the neck or upper back. Keep the support on the side so that when you roll over, there is no strain on the back. Ideally one should lie down straight, but with popper support, you can turn from side to side for a relaxed sleep.

7. Correct Sitting Posture After Spine Surgery: Another problematic task after going through the spine surgery is to sit for a longer time. Some special chairs available online that are designed for patients recovering from a bad back. Use these chairs to rest as it will support back and arms. Never sit for more than hour or so as it can put unnecessary on back muscles. Once the injury is healed you will be able to sit, stand and walk like before.


Back surgery is painful, but recovery phase is much more difficult to deal with. Its ok to be frustrated when you are not able to live a routine life because of the constant back pain. But by choosing the best chair for a bad back, you can reduce the stress on muscles and have a painless routine. With the list of the best chair after back surgery and recovery tips, we made a small attempt to guide you to live healthy and pain-free life after surgery.

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