Best Lotion Applicator for Back of 2019 – Apply and Get Satisfaction

I am sure many people amongst us might be suffering from the dry skin issues. The weather as well as pollution, everything plays a vital role in drying up the skin. And so, keeping it moisturized is the essential part of the day to day life. There are plenty of moisturizers; day creams, as well as night creams, are available in the market. But the issue is; the application – especially, on the back.

Just because we cannot apply the moisturizers on our back, it may create some dry skin. Such dreaded spots should be cured with the help of the moisturizer. There are many ways, which can help you in this activity. But here we are going to talk about the most accessible going option – Back Lotion Applicator.

Best Lotion Applicator For Back

As I have mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to apply lotion to your back like using palms, forearms, plastic sheet, roller, towels, etc. But the most continent way is a long reach lotion applicator. Here I am giving you the reviews of some of the best lotion applicators available.

1. Body Buddy Non-Absorbent Lotion Applicator (Cream)

Body Buddy Non-AbsorbentAs the brand name suggests, this product may become the best buddy of your body. It is a smooth lotion applicator which does not absorb the lotion and helps you to spread it on every area of your back. You don’t need anyone’s support to spread the lotion. It is a complete package of ‘do-it-experience’ as it also comes with the recipes.


  • It can provide you a home spa experience each time you apply the lotion on your back.
  • It can cover every spot. You just have to hold two sides of the applicator and rub it as per your need.
  • It comes with a holding strap each side of the lotion applicator. You don’t have to put any awkward efforts to hold the product. It is easy and quick.
  • It’s also an award-winning band applicator. As it is a band, it can even cover up hard to reach areas of your body.
  • It can cure and moisturize dry skin in no time. Why only moisturizer? You can also apply aloe vera gel or sun-protection cream on the back to protect your skin from the direct sunlight.
  • This product is handy and lightweight. You can take it anywhere, whether to the beach or at the swimming pool. Moreover, you can wash it in the machine.


  • The product is not suitable for the people who have sensitive skin. Its leather material is not ideal as the other products have!
  • The surface can’t move quickly, even after stretching the side handles up or down.
  • Some users believe that the product is overpriced and it doesn’t last more than 2 months.

Apart from all these, one best thing for this product is that the sponge may absorb a lot of moisturizers even before you use it for your back, but this material will not consume or waste even a small amount of your expensive creams. So, there is no harm to try it once.


2. 22″ Super-Flex Body-Reach Lotion Applicator for Back

Super-Flex Body-ReachThere is a fantastic feature available in this flexible lotion applicator. It is effortless to use for the people who have the limited range of motion or certain arm or shoulder issues.


  • It is durable and comes with lifetime MFG warranty. You can trust the product that it is value for money.
  • One can bend the applicator quickly as it is unbreakable! Many dermatologists suggest using Body Reach lotion applicator to their patients.
  • The sponges are made from a soft and hypoallergenic nylon material which is comfortable for any skin type.
  • It is 22 inches long. Very few lotion applicators give the handle of more than 18 inches, and this product is one of them.
  • You can remove and fit the sponges easily. They are reversible and do not absorb the lotion.
  • Apart from the activity of ointment applications, you can also use the same product for the skin cleansing.


  • Some elders suggest that the handle is too greasy and can be slipped from the hands often.
  • The handle can’t bend properly. It is not so easy to carry because of this malfunction.

As per our research, around 80% people are happy with the purchase of this applicator. Simply, let’s take an example of our grandparents! They may have to dry skin issues, but don’t want to disturb their children often. This product can help them to be independent on its way!


3. Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator

Aquasentials Easy Lotion ApplicatorThis type of lotion applicators is considered as the ideal type of the lotion applicators. Aquasentials comes with an ‘easy to reach’ handle and a PVA sponge which helps you to apply the lotion without any scratches or brushes on your back skin.


  • It is very soft and gives you a soothing experience.
  • It is easy to clean as you can wash it with your regular soap and then hang it in your bathroom. It will dry it up within no time.
  • It comes with a cape to protect the sponge. So you do not need to worry about the pad’s protection.
  • You just have to apply some amount of lotion on the sponge or your skin, and that’s it! This lotion applicator will do the rest.
  • If you have some water or liquid ointments, then also you can use this item. Spray it up on your skin and rub it by Aquasentials best lotion applicator.


  • Some users are quite disappointed with the handle size. It is not long enough to reach everywhere!
  • The pad is too hard and so, uncomfortable for many. Moreover, it may become the reason of the lotion waste.

Overall, many people are recommending this applicator. If you live alone and can’t get anyone’s help, it can become a blessing for you. Don’t think much and try it to feel good.


4. Ableware Roll Easy Lotion Applicator for Back

Ableware Roll Easy LotionIf you want to have a lotion applicator as well as a massaging stick at the same time, you will be happy after purchasing this product. Ableware provides a roll applicator for the smooth and quick application of the ointments, creams, and sun-protection lotions.


  • It provides 2 rollers. You can use them as the applicator, back scratcher, as well as to solve the purpose of massages.
  • The rollers can bend in different angles because the handle of the applicator has the benefit of pivoting head.
  • Because of its advantage of moving head and rollers, it can cover almost all of your back.
  • You can fold the handle of the applicator, which is perfect for the traveling and storing purpose.
  • As it is 14.5” long, you can efficiently use it without disturbing your arms and shoulders.


  • Around 5% users are not entirely happy with the product. As per them, the roller applicator broke after 4 to 5 uses.
  • The roller part contains rubber/latex. So it may give you some rubbery feel on your back, which may become quite uncomfortable.
  • Sometimes, users may feel that it is easy to apply the lotion but can’t run properly.

If you have an issue of itching, there is nothing best than the roller applicator. Yes, there are some options of back scratchers, but this product will solve both the purposes with smoothness!


5. Hydas Euro Body Creamer

Hydas Euro Body CreamerHydas has created a creative product which can quickly massage your back and also lower back without taking anyone’s help! It gives an amazingly satisfying feeling of relaxation. There are many small balls available on the lotion applicator which can also target some exact points of your back area.


  • There are no chances of wasting your precious creams as the design is unique. You just have to open the cape and filled it with the cream or sun-protection.
  • The handle of the applicator is readily attachable and detachable. The size of the handle is 18 inches, which is appropriate to cover every angle of the back.
  • You can even apply the ointment, cream, or the sun’s cream lotion because of its unique designs.
  • You can clean it by any dishwasher. The balls of the applicator can come out for the complete cleaning.
  • It is extraordinarily designed and wisely executed. It is flexible and durable. Anyone can rely on it and make the most of their money.


  • It doesn’t allow certain lotions. Some thick creams can’t come out from the balls. In such cases, you have to apply some lotions directly on the skin and then get the help of the applicator for better rubbing.
  • Sometimes, few balls stop rolling and working correctly. It is a bit annoying if you face such issue during the application as the sun-block or the cream might not apply evenly.
  • There are no instructions included in the kit. So, some not so techno-friendly family members like young children or senior citizens cannot use the product correctly.
  • There is also an issue of popping up the head, which ends up with a mess of lots of lotion poured in before!



So, these are the best back lotion applicator reviews which are on the top on our list. Honestly, such products are so satisfying that you just can’t get better than them. As you can see, my team and I have come out with the best as well as versatile lotion applicators so that you can choose the best one as per your need and use. Read about them, try them, and review them! I am sure you are going to love these items and thank us later.

One more thing I want to suggest is that we have talked about lotion applicators, but you must try back scratcher if you want to throw out any irritation or itching on your back. These things are surely value for money. I hope you liked the post and will stay tuned for other ‘out of the box’ reviews. Till then, stay healthy, be happy, and keep it simple!

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