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How to Scratch Your Back? – Top 5 Techniques

At times you face itching on your back that irritates you a lot. To get rid of the irritation or discomfort you undertake various steps. It can happen to anyone at any point of time. If it happens to you or someone close to you, then you or he should be willing to back scratch that feels good and getting quick relief. Now the question is how to scratch your back? Either you choose back scratcher or bath brush or make use of some useful methods.

How to Scratch Your Back?

Let’s discuss important back scratching techniques that will teach you how to scratch your back so that you can be freed from the problem as soon as possible.

Make use of Nails- You can make use of nails to scratch your back. Try to find out the spot that itches with the help of the hands. Do it gently so that it does not harm you. Avoid over scratching as it may cause cuts to your skin.

Back Scratcher- These are the wooden rods that possess sharp ends to scratch difficult to reach places on your back. You can get it in beauty salons, supermarkets, and cosmetic stores.You can make use of bath brush too to scratch your back. If you don’t want to make use of hard metal, then bath brush will work great. Search the web and find the best back scratcher available in the market to get relief from itches.

Make use of Chair and long tools- You can use the chair to scratch your back. Take a support of the chair by sitting on it and then horizontally twist your upper body. You can do it even you are at work. It is the simple technique to get rid of an itch. Even long tools will help you a lot. You can make use of home-based tools like long wooden spoon or clothes hanger. These equipment will reach to the places where your hand cannot reach. It will help in scratching your back.

Make use of the piece of cloth and Bath Brush – You can take the help of the towel. Hold one end of the towel in your hand over the shoulder behind your back, and from behind your back, you hold the other end of the towel. For an upward scratch pull your hand up and for downward scratch pull your hand down.The bath brush can also provide you relief. If you don’t want to make use of hard metal, then bath brush will work great.

Shower and Wet Compress – You can take a shower if you have itching at your back. Turn the water on high-pressure setting and spray on the itchy area. If you take the shower of cold water, then it will provide you quick relief. In this way, you can lessen the itch. Even you can rub on an ice pack to get relief from itching. It works wonders. Make sure you cover the ice with a cloth or paper towel before rubbing it on the itching area. After that, you can apply moisturizer.

The itching on the back can be possible due to soaps, perfumes, laundry detergents, shampoos and cream that can cause skin irritation. All these products may or may not suit your body. If they don’t suit you, then stop using the products. It will be worthy if you make use of mild products as they adapt to your body and save you from itching.

All the top techniques mentioned above will help you in back scratching and will provide you the relief that gives you the good feeling.

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