Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person – Top Heavy Duty Chair Mat of 2019

Believe it or not, chair mats are essential. They protect your office floors from any scratches and also help you to keep your cabin clean. A chair mat is one of the best solutions to keep the surface smooth. It can also maintain a certain level of your chair from the bottom on which you spend your entire working day. Either you are a thin or a heavy person; you will soon realize that your sitting starts taking a toll on the flooring when you do not move from your chair for several hours.

Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person

The wheels of your revolving chair may tear up the carpet or scrape the hardwood floors. The products mentioned below are some heavy-duty chair mats that can protect your floors from any damage and provide you a steady sitting. Even if you use or do not use carpets, these mats will keep your office floor in good condition. Our tough products can support up to 400 lbs that make each of them the best chair mat for a heavy person. These mats are durable and long-lasting.

1. Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat

Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Office Chair MatMarvelux is a famous brand when it comes to heavy-duty polycarbonate mats. This durable, long-lasting, and premium chair mat protects your low, standard, and medium-pile carpets. If you have the floor having a carpet with 0.5 inches of thickness, then this product is ideal for placing under your office chairs. It is suitable for underfloor heating and is sound absorbent. It is designed for light, medium, or heavy uses.

Key Features and Specifications

  • This mat makes an impact on ergonomic gliding. Its durable polycarbonate material and its smooth surface help in providing ease of movement.
  • It is proven to reduce leg fatigue because of smooth glide. You don’t need to take the strain on your leg. Its expertly designed studs provide a proper grip.
  • The floor mat undoubtedly has a smooth surface, but it doesn’t dip or cup fo a long period. It keeps the rug firmly in place by avoiding rolling of the chair.
  • This polycarbonate chair mat is easy to maintain, simple to clean, and entirely safe to use. It doesn’t require any toxins, odor, cadmium, tin, or lead.
  • By suggesting the simple cleaning process, the company meant to clean the pad with only warm, soapy water. It doesn’t require any harsh chemicals to clean.


2. Floortex Cleartex Megamat Chair Mat for Heavy Person

Floortex Cleartex Megamat Heavy Duty Chair MatIf you are specifically looking for the best chair mat for a heavy person, then you may have found the one. Floortex Cleartex Megamat is tested up to 500lbs. Even if you use it for day and night shift offices, it will feel smooth and convenient. It is comfortable for all types of users, including big and tall.

Key Features and Specifications

  • This mat is made from the original Floortex Polycarbonate. It is famous as a tough material that can be used in the manufacture of aircraft windows.
  • The durable megamat chair mat will not crack, curl, or dimple even after using for months. It will not lose its color and never leave any bad smell under regular use.
  • The chair wheels will not sink into a polycarbonate mat even if a heavy person uses the chair. It provides unbeatable protection to your carpets.
  • Avoid any scratches or wear and tear caused by chairs on the hard flooring with the immense support of Floortex Heavy Duty Chair Mat.
  • It is Green guard indoor air quality certified and entirely free from phthalates, PVC, tin, lead, and cadmium. Using this mat is safe for children and pets.


3. DoubleCheck Products Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat

DoubleCheck Products Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat If you are looking for the heavy-duty chair mat for thick pile carpet, then this option might be the most suitable for you among all. DoubleCheck Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat is the thickest mat available in the market that measures at approx 1/8 of an inch. It is reliable, sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. The company ensures that the chair wheels don’t sink in the mat or leave any marks. Even the corners stay flat.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Your expensive flooring is not going to lose its essence because of the mat’s highly transparent design. It allows the beauty of your floor to shine through.
  • Its super grip backing helps in holding the mat firmly on the floor. It keeps the mat at one place and specially designed for use on low and medium-pile carpets.
  • It’s a heavy-duty carpet chair mat made with non-breakable polycarbonate material. It is free from Phthalate or any other volatile toxic compounds.
  • The company provides a guarantee on the mat that it will not break, crack, scratch, or curl even after many months. It doesn’t even discolor or smell bad.
  • It is safe for children and pets. Some people choose Polycarbonate, as it is strong and durable. Some people prefer a PVC range for occasional or light use.


4. Office Marshal Chair Mat for Hard Floors

Office Marshal Chair Mat for Hard FloorsAre you looking for a mat that is suitable for both – hard wooden floor and the carpet? If yes, then your search is ending here with this super fantastic product Office Marshal Chair Mat. It is an eco-friendly and 100% recycled floor mat for office and home. You can also use it as a pet mat. Try to train your dog to eat his meals on this mat so you can clean it easily and save your carpets from being dirty.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It is certified with the Blue Angel eco-label and provides a healthy environment. It is made from recycled PET. It’s a great way to reduce any carbon footprint.
  • Apart from being 100% recyclable, the Office Marshal Chair Mat is BPA free, Phthalate free, and tin free. It is also free from lead and any other metals.
  • The company claims that this product is the only certified anti-static chair mat on the market. It is certified by EPH Dresden GmbH in Germany.
  • You can move your chairs quickly to fulfill your daily job tasks but maintain an excellent grip to stop the chair from skidding. It supports ergonomic posture and helps you.
  • This desk chair mats are designed for use on hard floors. You can also find another Office Marshal Chair Mat for carpets. It provides high impact resistance.


5. Bronzeman Desk Chair Mat for Heavy Person

Bronzeman Desk Chair Mat for CarpetLet’s end this article by reviewing one of the most amazing and best chair mat for heavy person – Bronzeman Desk Chair Mat. These computer desk chair mats provide a smooth rolling surface for low-pile carpets. One thing to consider is that these mats are not made for any medium or high-pile rug. This mat is also compatible with wool. It helps in reducing scratches or scuffs.

Key Features and Specifications

  • You should consider the shape of your office chair mat before deciding one. This product is a square mat that works best for your carpet area or hard floor decore.
  • It can be used personally as well as professionally. It helps create a more stable, comfortable, and safe working environment at the office or homes.
  • This under-desk mat is not harmful to your kids as it’s free of phthalates, toxins, and cadmium. It doesn’t use tin or lead. It is clear and transparent.
  • Each of these mats come with the rubber studs at the bottom. These studs help in keeping the mat safe from slipping, sliding, or moving around when rolling.
  • It also makes it easier and effortless to move your chair around while working. It indeed stops your office chair from slipping but doesn’t stick in one place.


The Bottom Line

The heavy-duty chair mats are a sensible investment for any office. The working area looks beautiful because of these small but useful products. Many floor mats are clear vinyl and easily blend with the other office accessories. Some heavy-duty chair mat for thick pile carpet feature scuff and slip-resistant surfaces. The office mats for low pile carpet stay in great shape even when you use them daily. Don’t have second thoughts and order your favorite chair mat today!

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