Top 7 Bamboo Back Scratchers of 2019: Get Traditional Scratcher

At times we all suffer from back itching issue and find it difficult to get rid of the same. In the market, you will get lots of back scratchers that will provide you relief from itching and irritation.

In this piece of writing, I will share the quality brands of back scratcher so that you can rely on it to get away from the discomfort. Select the product which suits you best. You will not only be freed from the issue of itching the hard to reach areas, but you can also provide relief from itching to your near and dear ones by gifting them.

Let’s move on to explore the information about quality products of bamboo back scratchers.

Bamboo Back Scratchers

1. JapanBargain Bamboo Back ScratcherJapanBargain Bamboo Back Scratcher

This bamboo back scratcher is nearly 17.5” long which is delivered by the renowned company JapanBargain. It becomes quite difficult for you to reach back areas and to get rid of itching issue. But this tool will provide you high relief as it can respond to the exact area where you are unable to deal. Gift this item to your acquaintances so that they can easily handle back scratching problem.

  • Mature bamboo is used to manufacture this quality product.
  • The sticks are 1 ½” wide and are not at all skinny.
  • You will experience easy hand filling while holding the handle.
  • If you try to scratch hard, then your back scratcher will not bend away from the back as the handles are firm to hold on.

If you are looking for fantastic stuff, then this is the suitable product for you. You will not find two sticks identical as it is handcrafted. This bamboo material is long-lasting. In the favourable environment, this bamboo can be grown easily as it is a type of grass which you can harvest effortlessly.


2. Bamboo Wooden Back Scratchers by RenookBamboo Wooden Back Scratchers by Renook

Renook presents bamboo wooden back scratcher in the pack of 5 which is apt for expecting females and individuals who require more extended hands. For your friends and family, it serves as the proper practical and novel gifts.

  • It is the durable, sturdy and functional piece which you will get from the mature bamboo trees. It is easy to grow and yield these trees.
  • Nature provides this valuable stuff which is then processed by humans.
  • The two items are not alike as hands shape each scratcher. The scratcher is 17” long.
  • It will provide immediate relief from itching as it can effortlessly reach to areas which are hard to approach.
  • You don’t have to worry about disturbing itchy spots. It will efficiently scratch your head and back.
  • In case your one piece gets broken then you can claim for new one or full refund. It guarantees the total return.

You can enjoy free replacement in this product. One bag holds five packs. If the pregnant woman faces the issue of itching, then she can make use of this scratcher to enjoy relief. It can preserve and prevent bacteria due to the coating of the Urethane and will serve you for the longer time.


3. Happy Deals – Wooden Back ScratchersHappy Deals – Wooden Back Scratchers

Make use of wooden back scratcher to deal with your back scratching problem. Here Happy Deals provides one packet of 12 sticks. It is made up of bamboo wood which is durable and offers excellent results. The length of the rods is perfect, so you experience the smooth performance of the product.

  • The length of the stick is 18” and durable to use.
  • In case you break any of the stick, then you can have the lot more to use.
  • For itchy spots, you will find it handy and comfortable.
  • The handle is 4.5mm or 3/8” thick. The curves on the sticks are perfect.

From these 12 sticks, you can look after various types of tasks besides back scratching, like door stopper, critter petter and much more. You can easily carry the sticks as they are light in weight. You have the choice to keep your sticks anywhere like office, home, guest bedroom as per your convenience as they are 12 in number.


4. Back Scratcher, Vainl Traditional Finger-like by VainlBack Scratcher, Vainl Traditional Finger-like by Vainl

Vainl presents the back scratcher in the form of traditional finger like sticks. It can scratch your itches, beating shoulders and back. The colour of the durable stick is wooden which you will get in the pack of 3. It is free from environmental pollution, and you will find it superior to the plastic scratcher. The middle-aged and aged people can comfortably make use of this product.

  • The stick holds 18” length along with 1” width. The single weight per stick is 50g.
  • It is firm, durable and steady as it is made up of mature bamboos in mountains which is of good quality. It serves as the all-nature bamboo massager.
  • You can massage your back comfortably with this finger like the shaped tool. The long handle will allow you to reach your arms and back securely.
  • Your hands and skin will not be hurt due to the smooth edges. It won’t slip due to the long smooth curve handle.  
  • You can hang it on the wall or other handy places due to the presence of sling.

If you are looking for the practical tool that provides relief to your back itching, then you can rely on this product. On any occasion, you can gift this unique item to your near and dear ones. The receiver will enjoy the real blessings of the sender due to the pattern of red-crowned crane. You will experience the full smell of nature.


5. BambooMN 17″ Bamboo Wooden Back ScratchersBambooMN 17 Bamboo Wooden Back Scratchers

This bamboo wooden back scratcher comes with free travel size backscratcher that provides you relief from irritation. BambooMN offers this great product which serves as the ideal gift for your associates.

  • The stick is 17” long that provides you relief from itchiness.
  • With the help of your hand, you can get hold of those areas which are hard to reach by making use of this scratcher as it will offer prompt relief.
  • It holds limited lifetime warranty. With this product, you will get free backscratcher of the travel size.
  • It is eco-friendly as mature bamboo is used to make this precious item.

You can enjoy backscratcher of 17” along with thin back scratcher. The slender shape of the tool is worthwhile and convenient. It is superior to plastic. The wood is entirely natural. The handle is well long that will make your itching task comfortable.


6. Wooden Back Scratchers 16″ (1 Dozen Pack), By PlaysceneWooden Back Scratchers 16

Play scene presents bamboo wooden back scratcher in the packet of one dozen. It will work as the fun gift for your friends, co-workers or the members of the family. It will make easy for you to scratch your back without asking help from anyone. 16” is the length of the 12 sticks.

  • You can easily store these sticks with the help of the tied strings.
  • The colour of the stick is natural wood finish.
  • The sticks are long-lasting, and you can make use of it repeatedly.

The secure hanging storage along with incredible value will make this perfect product piece of relaxation from itching or discomfort. You can easily scratch hard to reach places. This handy sticks can be placed all over as per your preference.


7. BambooWorx Back ScratcherBambooWorx Back Scratcher

Here you will get four pieces of traditional back scratcher along with relaxation massager set from Bamboo Worx. It is made up of natural bamboo, so it is strong and sturdy.

  • You will not only enjoy relief from itching from this tool, but you can also massage your back. As a result, you can experience relaxation from the sore muscles.
  • The stick is 17.5 “long. The standard size scratcher tool serves as the durable back scratching tool.
  • The traveller size scratcher is smaller in size and used as a shoe-horn too.
  • The design of the tool is functional and innovative. You will get the top quality experience due to the slender cut shape and wooden claws.
  • It is more significant than plastic and is eco-friendly. It is tough to swelling or shrinking and enjoys the natural finish.

Let your grandparents, parents, friends and other members of the family make use of this perfect tool to enjoy excellent results. Due to therapeutic massager, they will experience the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction.


Pick up traditional scratcher for your back

From this article, you will know the top quality brands of the bamboo back scratcher. Choose any of the product from the list to deal your scratching issue comfortably. Before finalising the product make sure that the sticks of the scratcher are long and durable so that you can experience efficient outcomes.

The proper shape and quality material of the sticks will make your back scratching task stress-free. The bamboo material is natural so you can confidently use it to have surprising results.

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